History of Presidency

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The founding broad of UUT was formed and started to work in summer 2005. Following the principled agreement of UUT establishment and with the special consideration of president Dr. Ahmadinejad and the officials attempts, an independent funding(budget) based on Iran government proposal and the Islamic parliament approval was allocated to the university. Obtaining educational and research activities permission in Information Technology (IT), Mechanical, and Industrial engineering, UUT officially started in February, 2007.

Constructional development of the university

In February 24th, 2007, UUT officially started to work in a 2 hector area land and in 2.5KM from Urmia along Band road and Sharchay river. The existing building on the campus with about 1500 sqm area had been previously constructed by regional water organization of the province as “snow and ice” studies and research building.
Student increase and urgent need for educational and administrative spaces made the university officials start the construction of the first faculty in September 2007. The first phase of Chemical engineering faculty in a land with 900 sqm area and 2500 sqm foundation was put into operation in October 2008. The need for a study hall and a computer site resulted in West Azarbaijan governor issuing the permission to begin the university’s administrative building construction by experienced constructors and with an eye-catching design in 850 sqm area at the same time with the chemical engineering faculty’s first phase of construction. Growth in student recruitment led to start the chemical engineering ' second phase in April 2009. This project, in addition to its connection to the central building and the first phase, created a unit building with unique features.

Transferring ownership of the electronic technology and food industry town to UUT with the aim of enhancing the interaction between industry and university elites is one of the valuable achievements of the esteemed president and cabinet’s third trip to West Azerbaijan and is the result of university officials’ tireless efforts and also provincial authorities’ assistance.

UUT tower that includes mechanical, computer and IT and industrial engineerings and management faculties with 25 thousand sqm of foundation and 15 stories is under construction on the south side of the university and is to be one of the unique projects in Urmia.

The founding board: UUT founding board members

UUT founding board members (before establishment)
- Dr. Rahim Ghorbani: Former  governor of West Azerbaijan (founding board president)
- Dr. Javad Jahangirzadeh: Urmia representative in Islamic parliament
- Mr. Ebrahim Haghjou: Head of the management and planning organization of the province
- Mr. Jamshid Mohammadzadeh: Political and security deputy of West Azerbaijan governor
- Mr. Mohammad Bgher Daryani: Civil affairs vice-governor of West Azerbaijan
- Dr. Hassan Sedghi: Urmia university president
- Dr. Iraj Mirzaei: Faculty member and head of technical faculty of Urmia university (chair of the founding board and responsible for commissioning UUT)



About university:

Urmia University of Technology was founded in 2007 with the following prospects, Gloals and outlook :

prospects :

- Achieving developed universities’ levels in all parameters
- Gaining access to the latest scientific and technological findings
- Making technical decisions process research oriented
- Providing all the required technical knowledge in Iran northwest
- Student admissions in graduate studies
- Promotion to an international and transnational university position
- Student recruitment from foreign countries
- Offering scientific and research services to the neighboring countries

The main goals of establishing UUT are:

- To promote cultural and scientific status of the province and its effective role in the country
- To develop higher education of the province and to improve student index
- To increase technical and engineering students proportion
- To reinforce the relationship between industry and higher education
- To accelerate and facilitate the province industry development and to train specialist human resources
- To actualize deprivation eradicating policies in the region
- To help the province transform an input-oriented economy to an output-oriented economy

Outlook: University development vision

- Achieving developed universities’ level in all parameters
- Gaining access to the latest scientific and technological findings and making technical decisions process research oriented
- Providing all the required technical knowledge in Iran northwest and activating student admissions in graduate studies
- Promoting to an international and transnational university position, recruiting students from foreign countries, and offering scientific and research services to the neighboring countries
In outlook, the universitys’ student population will reach 10 thousand people with 20 faculties, out of which 60 percent will belong to graduate students.

Field of study:

Fields of study
In outlook, universitys’ students population will reach 10 thousands people with 10 faculties out of which 60 percent will belong to graduate students.
Now, the following courses are being held at the university and each year and on the basis of Ministry of Science, Research and Technology (MSRT) permission, new fields will be added to them.

Majors                                                                                    Fields
Physics                                                                                    Fundamental particles
Mechanical engineering                                                          Energy conversion

MS :
Majors                                                                                    Fields
Industrial engineering                                                           Industrial
Information Technology engineering                                       IT & software
Physics                                                                               Solid state
Applied mathematics                                                            Applied mathematics
Mechanical engineering                                                         Energy conversion
Civil engineering                                                                   Structures

BS :
Majors                                                                                    Fields
Information Technology engineering                                         -------
Computer engineering                                                           Software
Mechanical engineering                                                          Solids, fluids and heat
Manufacturing technology engineering                                     Machine tools           

Industrial engineering                                                            Industrial production
Chemical engineering                                                            Petrochemical                   
Mining engineering                                                               Exploration
Electrical engineering                                                           Electronics      

Discontinuous BS
Majors                                                                                    Fields
Manufacturing technology engineering                                Machine tools, Molding




Organization chart:

• University president

          - President office
          - Public relations and international affairs
          - Planning management
          - Shahed and Isargaran students affairs
         - Security office
         - Website management
         - Education and research vice chancellor

• Dean of education
• Research and technology management
• Free and virtual trainings office
• Entrepreneurship, development and connection with industry department
• Graduate studies
• Library
• Innovation and research center (IRC)
• Student and cultural affairs vice chancellor
• Student management
• Dining affairs
• Dormitories
• Student affairs fund
• Cultural and extra-curricular programs office
• Physical education department
• Administrative and support vice chancellor
• Administrative management
• Secretariat
• Financial management
• Data center and machinery services
• Faculties, departments, research center and subordinate educational units
• Mechanical engineering faculty
• IT and computer engineering faculty
• Industrial engineering faculty
• Mining engineering faculty
• Electrical engineering faculty
• Chemical engineering faculty
• Civil engineering faculty
• Basic science department

- Supreme leader institution office
- The elite and professors think tank

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